-Rio Tinto-Hope Downs 1 Stage 2 Project 1-1Rio Tinto Iron Ore engaged IPS to manage the fabrication and logistics management for the delivery of 1020 tonnes of structural and plate work steel to the Hope Downs mine site located North West of Newman in Western Australia.

The IPS team managed the fabrication of assemblies in China for the construction of an extension to the Primary Crushers, Screenhouse Bins and Buildings at the Hope Downs (North) Screening Plant.

The project scope was completed within the limited time frame of approximately 4 months through the use of proprietary IPS management and control processes. IPS arranged trial assembly and prefit of wear plates and liners in China prior to shipping to reduce onsite construction time and expense.

The resulting high level of quality control for the fabricated assemblies ensured that subsequent construction activities were conducted with ease and Rio Tinto’s needs were met in a timely and cost effective manner.

The project scope included:

            Project Facts
Location Sanxin, China
Client Rio Tinto Iron Ore
IPS Role Fabrication and Logistics Management



Project Spotlight

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