A Message from the Managing Director:

GrantbigIPS was formed approximately 20 years ago to provide a hard-nosed construction approach to project delivery services.   Most projects start to run off the rails during the design and engineering phase so a key focus for IPS is to work with the client project team to stop this from happening.

Research conducted by the US aerospace industry clearly demonstrated most projects waste in excess of 40% of the project engineering delivery effort.  Further, it was determined that 30% of charged time was "set-up and waiting" time.  In an EPCM type arrangement this is time the client pays for but for which it gets no value.  It is our collective experience that the majority of project activities are not efficiently and effectively run unless the delivery work is driven with a focus on the elimination of idle time interface issues and process handover activities.

IPS is here to fill the gap with our focus on LEAN Engineering principles and Project and Construction Management. We work with your project personnel in an "Integrated Management Team" to ensure ownership and control of the project delivery activities.

We have capable people, focused management systems (IPDS) and the right tools to manage any part of project delivery from feasibility to handover and operation.  With a head office in Perth and regional offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide we are able to service projects in Australia and around the globe. 

Contact me,  if you have a project delivery requirement - we will meet with you - anywhere in the world, to discuss your Project requirements.


Grant Moffat

Managing Director




Project Spotlight

-Yilgarn Infrastructure Oakajee Port and Rail RFP Process-2The Oakajee Port and rail project is a significant infrastructure