At IPS we understand that the key to sucessful project delivery is good experienced people supported by simple, effective and efficient systems.  With decades of staff experience on major projects, we have been able to develop comprehensive Project Delivery Systems that are central to the management of every project we undertake.This system has been designed with built in flexibility to enable the integration of client requirements.  At project completion, the entire document system can be delivered to the client for their records.

Integrated Project Delivery System - OVERVIEW

9000 TriangleThe Integrated Project Delivery System (IPDS) has been developed to enable geographically separated project teams to interact in a real time web based environment.  This system incorporates the IPS knowledge base, experience,systems and associated Intellectual Property (IP) into one, integrated platform designed to facilitate successful Project Delivery. The IPDS has been developed to allow project team members to monitor the progress of project phases such as design, construction and commissioning activities during the project timeline. This IPDS Platform provides a single, integrated location where personnel can efficiently collaborate with other project team members, find organizational resources, search for information as well as manage content and workflow.

Project Spotlight

-Rio Tinto-Hope Downs 1 Stage 2 Project 1-1Rio Tinto Iron Ore engaged IPS to manage the fabrication