SaR3Fabrication Management is an important project phase that ensures fabrication of project components according to schedule and design specifications.  This process includes Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Logistics and Transport, Freight Insurance, Duties and Forex functions are all project compliant.  

An important function of Fabrication Management is ensuring that vendors provide the proper fabrication data so that site assembly teams can work with the delivered materials and prepare adequate site works.  IPS also works with vendors to ensure that changes resulting from technical queries are reflected in the final engineering designs and as built documents. This process becomes especially critical where modularization of process components is required and the interface between design, fabrication, logistics and transport must be managed carefully.  

IPS Fabrication Management is a critical part of the commissioning and operational readiness process since it ensures that adequate Manufacturer Data Reports, installation manuals and operation guides are delivered to the client.

Offshore Fabrication

IPS has a relationship with several large steel fabrication companies in China and elsewhere in Asia which give us access to a significant steel fabrication capacity of 500,000 tonnes per annum.  IPS has previously used these sophisticated players in the steel market to combine low prices with rapid production times which gives us the ability to deliver significant volumes of low cost structural steel quickly.  

All of our partners are well versed in the requirements of Western project work and have mature in-house QC/QA systems and state of the art manufacturing equipment.  IPS is able to streamline the shipping process due to our co-operation agreements with number of fabrication partners some of whom have their own shipping facilities.  

The advantages of our offshore sourcing capabilities include:

  • Fabrication is managed by experienced IPS expat technical management at the fabrication facility and we establish local project offices for large scale projects
  • IPS fabrication partners will meet or exceed client expectations of for Quality, Cost and Schedule
  • IPS understands Asian business and export systems and we have local networks to manage in country transport
  • IPS utilises systems to track each and every item from shop drawings, through each stage of fabrication, surface treatment, transport & shipping through to the site lay-down area and release to the SMP contractor
  • The IPS head office is located in Perth, Western Australia which is in the same time zone as China Standard Time facilitating direct communication between IPS management and our partners.

We also have the capacity to manage and supply carbon steel and stainless and exotic steel pipe spooling for your project


Project Spotlight

Image 2IPS' experience in rapid off-site fabrication management led to our