CaptureManaging design and the timely delivery of design activity and completion is critical to projects.  Successful design management, minimisation of scope change and a clear understanding of design deliverables will minimize the chances of budget or schedule blowout.  

The key to successful project delivery is making sure that your design concept matches your business objectives and that it is substantially complete before construction starts.  Failure to manage the design process adequately can lead to scope creep, project delays and ultimately increased construction costs as design work holds back work on site. 

IPS considers Design Management to be a critical part of the Project Management process. Experienced project management can assist the client team to finalise the "best design" and ensure the engineering is completed.

IPS staff are skilled at ensuring that third party design engineering firms deliver designs that are truly aligned with project goals.  They play a key role in managing technical and contract matters arising from the design process and advise procurement personnel on requirements for tenders.  Following the tender process IPS staff manage design changes from tenders and manage submissions from contractors delivering components to site.  We also liaise between contractors and design engineers for technical queries and ensure all drawings are approved by project stakeholders and the relevant government authorities.  

IPS employs LEAN principles for design management and design deliverables development and sign-off. Significant time delays can occur at "hand-offs" in  the design engineering process. IPS specifically targets these delay points to improve design delivery timeframes.

Project Spotlight

-Curragh Queensland Mining-Horizontal Belt Filter-1IPS provided fabrication management inclusive of all services from design