000 0766The complexity and scale of large infrastructure, industrial and resource projects demands experienced construction and support management to coordinate all aspects of construction delivery.    As a Construction Manager, IPS acts as an advisor or agent for the client and acts in their interest at every stage of the project.    

IPS uses specialists in the technical process aspects of the process plant to work with the design firm during the pre-construction phase of the project to provide input on the feasibility of the proposed design before the site works commence in order to avoid lost time and unnecessary costs. 

During construction we control costs and schedule to keep the project on track and oversee all of the contractors who will deliver the actual project components to site.

The main benefit for you as a project owner is that IPS Construction Management uses value engineering and LEAN principles to manage your project so that the outcomes are delivered for the lowest cost in the shortest possible time frame. 

As an advocate for the project owner, we actively manage the tendering process to ensure the selection of the best sub-contractors to deliver your specific project objectives.  Since you retain all the contracts for contractors, we are able to manage their work flow impartially and in accordance with your interests.  IPS uses our Integrated Management Team (IMT) approach to bring all stakeholders into the process and this can streamline the design and construction portions of the project to reduce the overall build time. 

IPS Construction Management processes add value to the project management by:

  • Managing Health and Safety risks for all site workers
  • Managing and Controlling Project Scope
  • Controlling Costs to achieve the Project Budget
  • Schedule and Logistics Management for on-time delivery
  • Managing technical issues and financial risks
  • Managing quality to deliver expected project product outcomes

Project Spotlight

-Wesfarmers Premier Coal Mine and Construction Project-5Key IPS personnel worked in an Integrated Management Team (IMT)