IPS has a focused business model that allows us to deliver major projects with our clients by providing Project Management expertise that complements the industry specific skills of our clients.

Our Integrated Project Delivery model uses project management discipline to control scope, schedule and budget while maximising the intellectual capital of all key stakeholders.   We create Integrated Management Teams that are made up of skilled IPS personnel, client representatives and, where appropriate, suppliers or contractors who participate in major decisions and continuously provide input to project progress measurement.

Project Management practices provide the framework for all of our activities and are a fundamental part  of our business operations.    Whether we are providing start to finish Project Management services for a process plant, specialized fabrication management for modularization, or a specific service like cost control, we use PM principles to control Scope, Schedule and Budget.  Control must be exercised over scope, schedule and Budget on a one-to-one code basis. 

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Continuous monitoring and control ensures that any activity we are managing is rigorously documented to capture changes that will impact project outcomes.  IPS has developed a structured project methodology which identifies all of the phases and disciplines of a project and the activities required for its completion.   By coding these phases and disciplines we have created a system to track all communication, documentation, procedures and work instructions that will occur during the project lifecycle.  This Integrated Project Delivery System (IPDS) allows for continuous monitoring of any project activity from Design through to Commissioning to ensure alignment with the Project Execution Plan.  



Project Spotlight

-CSBP Limited-Nitric Acid Absorber Column Agriandre-1The CSBP Nitric Acid Plant construction project included the fabrication