DSCN5974 640x480Risk Management is an iterative process that is essential for the prudent management and delivery of all projects and project related services.

IPS addresses risk management at all levels of project delivery from the strategic overview and planning stage through to the management of design, construction, fabrication and project delivery.  Implicit in the management of risk is the ability to manage complex information flows to facilitate timely decision making.

The IPS Integrated Project Delivery System (IPDS) incorporates a module and processes for the management of risk providing a clear methodology for the collection and dissemination of information related to the project. Detailed information is also available from previous projects as a "lessons learned" for the risk management decision making on current projects.

At a strategic level, IPS analyse each clients project specific objectives to develop a project execution plan that will meet the desired outcomes. IPS works with client personnel through the formation of an Integrated Management Team (IMT). The IMT is tasked with the planning and delivery of the project. The strategic development phase also includes a risk assessment plan for the contracting methodology and the completion of an initial strategic risk management plan. The plan defines the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within the proposed execution plan and dictates the risk treatment measures to be undertaken at key stages.

Once the Project Execution Plan (PEP) has been developed, ongoing risk management processes are conducted using the guidelines, procedures and management tools contained within IPDS system modules.

At every stage of the IPDS management process there is the ability to feed risk related detail back into the management processes to drive process improvement. Specifically, the system drives positive performance in project delivery and minimizes causes of delay and cost overrun such as:

  • Schedule flaws
  • Scope creep
  • Personnel turnover
  • Specification breakdown
  • Contractor under performance and
  • Delayed decision making

The IPS Risk Management system ensures that our project teams maintain their focus on Cost, Schedule and Scope and not on expensive damage control measures.


Project Spotlight

6010-CSBP Limited - Ammonium Nitrate Expansion Project-1IPS completed the technical feasibility study for the CSBP ammonium