uc012033 - HV Switchyard Components Premier CoalProject procurement can be challenging for many projects due to the fact that some buy items (often long lead) are unique and technically complex.   Specialized equipment required in processing plants often must be sourced from overseas with the associated difficulties of foreign exchange and international contracts. 

The IPS procurement team has extensive experience managing the tendering processes in such circumstances. Our procurement processes ensure that project scopes are well developed and vendors are fully briefed on all technical and commercial requirements to ensure that the client gets the best possible outcomes for the most competitive price.  With our extensive relationships with domestic and international vendors, we can source the most complex quipment and systems from individual components right up to turnkey processing plants.  

Using either our in house tendering process or a client system, IPS will deliver critical goods and services according to your project timelines and budget.  Our services include supplier sourcing, calling of tenders, contract award and the approval of contractor Manufacturer's Data Reports.  Quality inspection is managed during the fabrication phase using either IPS procurement, expediting and inspection staff or independent third party inspectors for offshore supplied items (as may be required).


Project Spotlight

-Greenland Niobium Mine and Processing Plant-1IPS was engaged by New Millenium Resources N.L. to assist